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If you're interested in learning to braid check out my 2 videos,
"How To Make an Oval Braided  Rug" and "How To Make a Round Braided Rug".

I personally design and make every rug that I
sell...and I do it the old fashioned way, completely by hand. They are custom made...there are no two alike. I work closely with my clients so they get a rug of the right size, style and colors that's perfect for its setting. My goal is to make you thrilled with your purchase and have your new rug become the centerpiece of your home. I can guarantee that you will be proud to own one of my rugs.

8' X 10' Oval Dining Room Rug

6 1/2' X 8 1/2' Oval Rug
"Pacific Sunrise"

6 1/2' X 8 1/2' Oval Braided Rug

My rugs are made from 100% new, coat weight wool.
There are no cores or fillers, just woolen material. The workmanship is meticulous. They are laced, not sewn, and the laces and seams are hidden so that the rug is reversible. They will last a long time...generations in fact. I have rugs that I made over 40 years ago that still look as good as the day that I made them. The phrase is often over used , but my rugs are truly of "heirloom quality".

I have made hundreds of rugs in my lifetime
but each one is a new challenge and a thrill to do. I share the enthusiasm and expectations of my clients and can't wait until I get their reaction when their new rug finally takes its place in their home. My reward is their pleasure and the thought that something that I have made, will become a part of their daily life, perhaps as long as they live.
8' X 10' Oval Dining Room Rug
8' X 10' Oval Dining Room Rug

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See My DVD's: "Braiding With Marge...How To Make Braided Rugs"