Making "Pacific Sunrise"

"Pacific Sunrise" is a braided rug that I custom made for a California couple. Accompanying each of my braided rugs is an album showing photos of the various stages of its construction. It also contains all the statistics about the rug. On this, and subsequent pages, is the story of making the braided rug, "Pacific Sunrise".

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Oval Braided Rug




"Pacific Sunrise"
is a 6 1/2' X 8 1/2' oval braided rug, designed for use under a dining room table. My braided rugs are designed to fit their surroundings.


Material For Braided Rugs



It Contains:

* 401 feet of braid

* 29 rows

* 2,103' of braid strands (3/row)

* 762 sq. feet of 100% wool material

* 51 yards of 60" wide material


Cutting Stips for Braided Rugs




The first step in making braided rugs is cutting the wool into 4" wide strips. The width of the strip and the weight of the material determines the thickness of the braid.

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Making "Pacific Sunrise"...Continued
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