Making "Pacific Sunrise" cont....

I make all the braided rugs that I sell and I do it entirely by hand, as these photos will attest. Braiding rugs is very labor intensive and expensive due to the large amount of new coat-weight wool required.

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Braided rugs: width of strips




The width of the strip determines the width of the braid and the thickness of the rug. My braided rugs are unusually thick (over an inch), and heavy, averaging about one pound per square foot. My braided rugs will last forever.


Sewing the strips when making braided rugs.




After cutting, the strips are sewn together end-to-end. In this braided rug there were approximately 600 hidden seams. One of the details in hand-making braided rugs.


Making Braided Rugs: The strips are wet then folded.




The strips are then wet, folded, and rolled into coils in preparation for braiding. In "Pacific Sunrise", I used 2,103 feet of braid stands. One of the major expenses in making braided rugs is the large amount of wool required.


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Making "Pacific Sunrise"...Continued
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