Making "Pacific Sunrise" cont....

Choosing the color combinations in designing braided rugs is the most difficult part. I usually work from swatches or photos of the intended setting, and always send samples of the materials to be used before construction begins. In this braided rug it was very unusual that only three colors were used.

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Material Used in this Braided Rug



You are looking at 1,459 feet of palomino yellow wool ready for braiding. There was also 450 feet of blue-grey heather and 194' feet of maize used in this rug. It's unusual to have only 3 colors in a braided rug this size , but it was exactly what the client wanted.



Braiding Rugs: The coild ready to go.




The coiling is done and I'm ready to start the braiding process. In braiding rugs, I keep extensive records of the material used to help in the ordering process.



Gloves used for custom braiding rugs




You'll notice that I wear leather gloves. This is because the lacing twine that I use to bind the strands has to be pulled very tight and this is hard on your hands if they are not protected. The laces in all my braided rugs are hidden so that the rug is reversible.



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Making "Pacific Sunrise"...Continued
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