"Serenity"...an 8' Round Braided Rug

This current photo is of a 40 year old heirloom made from a blend of blue and green, hues. "Serenity", like many other older braided rugs, was made with used coats that I bought in a consignment shop. Today, Marge's Braided Rugs uses 100% new coat-weight wool to make braided rugs not because they are any better but because it's just less time consuming than taking coats apart. I will however make one of used coats if a client requests it. (See "International Colonial"...a very interesting rug!)

40 Year old Braided Rug

"This is my braided rug! I made it over 40 years ago when my children were little. My oldest is 52 now. It has survived five children, eleven grandchildren, miscellaneous dogs (and other varmits), three household moves, and it is still lovely"

"This is the way it looks today as it sits in my office in Ct. Like me, it is starting to show its age...its once brilliant colors are faded a bit and it is a little threadbare in spots. But it is aging gracefully and is still beautiful. Someday I will hand it down to one of my grandchildren.

"Of all the braided rugs I have made, this is my favorite. It is an old and treasured companion and I love it."...Marge Yonda

Favorite #5
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