...an 11' Round Braided Rug

Webster: (Car-ill-yon) A composition for the bells.

Made for a family named Bell, this very large round braided rug reflects the lovely colors of their octagonal family room with its soft red brick fireplace, wood floors and antique gold brocaid half-circle sofa. My biggest pleasure in making braided rugs comes from the appreciation shown by the client. With proper care, my braided rugs will last for generations.

A client of Marge's Braided Rugs

"Enjoying the newbraided rug? I can not put into words just how much. My home is enchanting, magical, romantic, and whimsical... I have never felt more "at home" in my own home. Thank you Marge. You are an angel in my life."

"Wow...Your amazing skill created a beautiful work of art."

"The braided rug will change the entire feeling of the house."

"It's wonderful to decorate and have your husband so delighted with the results."...Upper Saddle River, N.J.

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