"Margery"...a 6 1/2' Round Braided Rug

Designed for a hall that is the heart of a family home in Mass., the rug is the first thing the clients see every morning when they come down the stairs. The desired effect was a gentle blending from color to color, achieved through the use of pastels and muted tones of blue, green and very pale yellow. The red accent adds just enough sparkle!


"Dear Marge,

She arrived today and she's the center of attention in her perfect site, the center of our home!

Smooth...thick and warm... the colors meld like soft butter and we love the luxurious texture in our stocking feet!  
Thick...the quality and look that we want.  
Warm ...What a palette! Even the blues are invitingly cozy! 

The colors speak to the floor, wallpapers and furnishings but it's the ingenius arrangement of color that creates a beautiful bended rug! The touch of red is just enough accent. Oh it's fabulous!

Thanks, Marge. You are a gem! One of a kind, and we are proud to be the owners of a Marge Masterpiece"...Marblehead, Mass



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