"Uylanie"...a 10' Round Braided Rug

This stunner was made for a client just purchasing an 1871 home in Illinois where the rug is to be placed in the family room with a wood burning fireplace. A quilt was being made to match the rug colors. Her favorite rug is "Sooner" also a basically red, white and black rug, but, like "Sooner" it has many shades of those colors. Twenty-one different materials were used to achieve this lovely effect. This rug weighs 93#'s and contains 68 yards of 60" wide material. There are 678' of braid made up of 3.048' of braid strands. It is laced with 1132' of lacing twine. I'm really proud of this one.

10' Round Braided Rug

" I received you package and I am speechless. The rug is absolutely beyond any words. I can not stop looking at it."...Princeton, IL

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