"Sandy"...a 7' X 9' Oval Braided Rug

Designed for the dining room of a restored 1956 farmhouse in Alberta, Canada, the autumn colors with bands of red and pumpkin are striking. With one olive green strand in all rows throughout the rug, and various shades of green and brown as accompanyments, it is a truly lovely "farmhouse" rug.

7' X 9' Oval Braided Rug

"...I love the rug! I have sat in my living room from where this picture was taken and visualized the rug there for so long, but the reality is so very much more. It seems to finish the space in a completely satisfying way. All my treasures are so much more at home now and the room absolutely beckons. Your work is masterful. I can hardly wait for 'Alberta' to work the same magic in my living room"...Alberta, Canada

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