"Autumn Rows "...
(2) Rectangular Braided Fringe Rugs:
a 4' X 2 1/4' & a 4 1/2' X 2 1/2'

Karen now owns 9 of my rugs. When she saw the picture of "Rowsy" in my newsletter, she immediately ordered the "Autumn Rows" pair. These rugs are difficult because the fringe is very time consuming. At the ends of each rug there are 57 strands that need to be fringed...times 2 ends times 2 rugs equals 228 strands to be cut by hand. Then keeping them straight is like sawing off the legs of a stool.

4 1/2' X 2 1/3' Fringed Rug

4' X 2 1/4' Fringed Rug

Detail of the Fringes

"Received the rugs and they are just beautiful. Laid them down on the floor and right away my cats loved the fringe also. So everyone is happy. Again the workmanship and color scheme are perfect and I just love to look at them. Thanks again."...Edgerton, Wi.


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