"The Navajo"
an 8' X 11' Oval Hearth Room Rug

One of 3 rugs designed for a family in Tucson, Az., this rug is named after an Arizona Indian Nation, "The Navajo", because they were known for their rugmaking and still are today. The rug matches the beautiful, colorful inlaid tile counter tops and wall plaque. Its 2 partners are named after the other tribes in the Navajo Nation.

"Zuni"...a 2' X 5' Oval Kitchen Area Rug 2 1

The 2nd of 3 rugs for a Tuscon, Az. family, this rug is also named for a Navajo Nation tribe because of their reputation for excellent rug making. It is designed to match the color and style of its larger companion rug with its lovely blues and greens accented by a dramatic circle of pumpkin. Notice how well the rug is matched to the wall and counter top tiles.

"Hopi"...a 2' X 8' Oval Runner

The 3rd member of the family was designed to complement the 2 rugs shown above. It is a perfectly constructed braided rug with all hidden seams, no taper join on the last row and perfect symmetry...no bends despite its long and narrow shape. There is also one continuous piece of splicing thread used to weave the 876' of braid strands together...no knots!!

"The rugs arrived late yesterday. They are stunning! The colors are perfect and the rugs so luxuriously thick. They are perfect for the room. They really are works of art and we're a little hesitant to walk on them. Your work is beautiful."

I wasn't sure what you meant when you said the longer runner was technically perfect but after seeing it I understand. We really appreciated the photo album of the process but I would love to watch you work."

"I would also be happy to talk to anyone who is considering buying a rug from you. It has been a priviledge for us to get to know you and to have your beautiful rugs in our home"....Tuscon, Az..


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