"International Colonial"..
.a 4 1/2' Round Area Rug

This traditional colonial pattern, without different bands of color, is accomplished with only 3 colors of various hues and deepness. The color strands start at the center and blend outwards as each hue of one of the colors is added. This is one my earlier braided rugs. What makes it unique is the fact that it was made with used coats from all over the world (Russia, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Scotland...) hence its name "International Colonial". All of my later braided rugs, unless otherwise requested by a client, are made with 100% new coat-weight material. However, I still treasure all of my old braided rugs.

Traditional Colonial Style Braided Rug

"Buying one of your rugs has been on my mind since you started...especially one made from coat wool. I can't pass this opportunity by or I know I will regret it. It will be a family heirloom. The rug is at my bedside and it feels great to feel it under my feet evrytime I go to bed or wake up....Va.


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