"Peaceful"...a 6' Round Braided Rug
(With 6 companion rugs)

Designed for an upstate NY family, this beautiful blue creation resides under their kitchen table. It is joined by 6 companion 2' X 4' ovals that surround a center island and grace the entryways to their kitchen. It was designed after existing braided rugs, but some brick red was added to tie into the lovely birchwood in the room.

These 6 companion rug are perfectly matched to each other, braided loop for braided loop. All have a continuous last row with no begining or end.

"Marge, I can't put into words how lovely the rugs are and how they have brightened up our kitchen. We are getting so many rave reviews from everyone that sees them. They all wonder where I found you. Of course I tell them and show them my album. You also need to know that they were packed so well that I had to do nothing to make them lie flat. We are so pleased with them and want you to know"...Middleburg, NY


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