Grandmother's Rug

Made in 1960 by her grandmother, this 6' X 9' oval braided rug was given to my client by her grandmother when she moved into her first apartment. Over the years, as a result of normal wear and tear and damage by a dog, the rug looked as in the photograph shown below and was no longer useable. The rug brought back memories of her grandmother and my client wanted it restored so that it could once again occupy an honored place in her home.

I had to replace quite a bit of the braid which was no longer useable. It also required re-lacing many of the seams that has split over time. This along with a good cleaning of sprouts and a shampoo really made the rug come alive as the following photographs show.


"I saw your website and have new hope for my grandmother's rug. Your restoration projects are simply amazing. I admire your skill."..."The rug looks beautiful! I can't tell where the damaged part used to be. I'm amazed that you were able to restore it as quickly as you did"


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