Made in Pittsfield, Ma. in 1961 by Jadwiga Loveless who died before it was finished. She used scraps from a local coatmaker. It was commissioned to be restored by her son now living in Bethel, Ct. "Most of what I know about our family history was taught to me through stories that my Mom would tell me as she worked on this rug," he relates. The wool scraps were picked up by her once a week and then turned into this lovely, treasured heirloom. It has been my pleasure to restore it by repairing it and then finishing it from where she left off.

"Jadwiga" Before (6' X 9 1/2' Oval)

"Jadwiga" After

"So excited to have my Mom's rug finished and looking so great...She'd be pleased"...Bethel, Ct.

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