"John's Rug"

This runner was bought from an antique dealer years ago. It's age is hard to estimate but it is old old. It is a beautiful example of a row braided rug with fringed ends. John's rug badly needed relacing. Not only was it pinned together in many places but several of the strands had completely broken and many more were ready to do so as well. I had to sew the bad spots on some of the rows and I was also able to reverse the more badly damaged rows so that the good side of the rug will probably last for many decades to come. The finished product was a good example of an early American collectable.

(John's Rug Before)

(John's Rug During)

(John's Rug Completed)

"...Good Job! Pleased about my rug. I think that's terrific...and it's even been shampooed. Enhances the colors"...Peabody, Ma.



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