Marge's Braided Rugs: Gallery # 1

"I am very impressed with your rugs.I have visited hundreds of 'handmade' braided rug sites only to find that they are machine made and the average buyer doesn't understand the difference. Your talent and the quality of material make for a rug that no machine can match. Your website does a great job of educating people between what you make and what can be bought in the local department store."...Darlene       (See additional client comments under photos below)

If you're interested in learning to braid check out my 2 new videos,
"How To Make an Oval Braided  Rug" and "How To Make a Round Braided Rug".

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8' X 10' Oval Braided Rug

"The rug is so beautiful, such wonderful quality. I can't believe you do it, you are so petite. A lot of hard work. Believe me it will be a treasure."...Williamstown, Ma.


4' Round Braided  Rug

"Starry Starry Night"
4' Round Braided Rug

"I'm thinking your web site should have 'feet-o-feel' so people can get a feel for what it's like to stand on your rugs! I hope you do this for many years to come so I can get another one!...San Antonio, Tx

3' X 5' Rectangular Braided Rug

"Red Wing "
3' X 5' Rectangular Braided Rug

"...the rug looks stunning. Thank you for the picture album that you sent"...Saint Germain, Wi

6 1/2' Round Braided Rug

"Finding a braided rug in stores and through the mail has been tough...they tend to be thin with loads of zigzag threads and unremarkable colors...your rug gallery is extroadinary"...Marblehead, Ma.

9' X 12' Oval  Braided  Rug

9' X 12' Oval Braided Area Rug

"This rug was in my bedroom when I was a boy. It is now in my son's bedroom but I already told him that when he moves out he is not taking it with him!!!"...Rochester, NY

6 1/2' X 81/2' Oval  Braided  Rug

"Pacific Sunrise"
6 1/2' X 8 1/2' Oval Braided Rug

"The rug is beautiful. You did a beautiful job and I appreciate your craftsmanship. I just love it! Thanks so much for the special pictures that you sent too!"..."We love our rug! It is always called Marge's Rug. My husband is forever telling our son to be careful of Marge's Rug
..Costa Mesa, Ca.

8' Round Wool Braided Rug

8' Round Braided Rug

"This is my braided rug! I made it over 40 years ago when my children were little. My oldest is 53 now. It has survived five children, eleven grandchildren, miscellaneous dogs (and other varmits), three household moves, and it is still lovely"
"This is the way it looks today as it sits in my office in Ct. Like me, it is starting to show its age...its once brilliant colors are faded a bit and it is a little threadbare in spots. But it is aging gracefully and is still beautiful. Someday I will hand it down to one of mygrandchildren.
"Of all the braided rugs I have made, this is my favorite. It is an old and treasured companion and I love it."...Marge Yonda

8' X 10' Oval Braided Rug

8' X 10' Oval Braided Rug

"My favorite carpet is 'BlueBell'. My husband's is 'Carillon'. Both masterpieces are living, breathing, talking, spirits in this home. Amazing! Our son is home for awhile and he said,'...whoever made these braided rugs is an incredible person.' Oh are."
Upper Saddle River, N.J.

5' Round Braided Rug

"I received the rug shipment today and I am so very pleased. It is so plush and vibrant - it takes my breath away. My kids even wanted to sleep on it last night. Thanks so much for the wonderful addition to our home! I am very proud."...Ewa, Hawaii

8' X 32" Braided Runner

"Norfolk Runner"
8' X 32" Braided Runner

"The rug has arrived! It's certainly are a true artisan. Your workmanship and attention to every detail is absolutely beyond compare. I feel that not only have I gained a gorgeous new rug but I've made a new friend as well. Many thanks for sharing your talents. Now, that said, I'd like to talk about the next rug."  

"New Englander "
5' Round Braided Rug

"We are very pleased. The size is perfect and the colors are more intense and vibrant than in the picture."...Jamaica Plains, Ma.

"Autumn Rows "
(2) Rectangular Fringe Rugs

"Received the rugs and they are just beautiful. Laid them down on the floor and right away my cats loved the fringe also. So everyone is happy. Again the workmanship and color scheme are perfect and I just love to look at them. Thanks again."...Edgerton, Wi.
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If you're interested in learning to braid check out my 2 new videos,
"How To Make an Oval Braided  Rug" and "How To Make a Round Braided Rug".