Marge's Braided Rugs: Gallery # 2

My custom made braided rugs are the finest that money can buy. My braided rugs are completely handmade of 100% wool and will last for generations.

If you're interested in learning to braid check out my 2 new videos,
"How To Make an Oval Braided  Rug" and "How To Make a Round Braided Rug".

9'  Round Braided Rug

"The Berwyn"
9' Round Braided Rug

" We couldn't be more pleased with our braided rug. Thank you so much. The colors are wonderful: rich, deep, and perfectly matched to our decor. Your help in developing the palette for our rug was much appreciated!
"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"...Berwyn, Pa.

7' X 9' Oval Braided Rug

"...I love the rug! I have sat in my living room from where this picture was taken and visualized the rug there for so long, but the reality is so very much more. It seems to finish the space in a completely satisfying way. All my treasures are so much more at home now and the room absolutely beckons. Your work is masterful. I can hardly wait for 'Alberta' to work the same magic in my living room"...Alberta, Canada

4' X 6' Oval Braided Rug

4' X 6' Oval Braided Rug

"My rugs are BEAUTIFUL. They look great in my bedroom and are so soft under foot. You realize now that you have SPOILED me beyond repair and I will never be able to have another rug but yours. Thanks so much for the work you do!"...New York, NY

7' Round Braided Rug

7' Round Braided Rug

"'You have done a great job to make this process accesible and fun! I showed the swatch folder to a friend who also works at the Seattle Design Center and he was impressed too! He said there are many high priced designers that aren't as organized as you!"

"Everyone who has seen it marvels at the way you got it to match not only the room it is in but how it blends with the decor in the living room as well."..Seattle, Wa.

4 1/2' Round Braided Rug

"International Colonial"
4 1/2' Round Area Rug

"Buying one of your rugs has been on my mind since you started...especially one made from coat wool. I can't pass this opportunity by or I know I will regret it. It will be a family heirloom. The rug is at my bedside and it feels great to feel it under my feet evrytime I go to bed or wake up....Va.

3' Round Braided Rug

"Night & Day"
3' Round Area Rug

"The graphic quality of our braided rug--contemporary yet classic--is the perfect touch in our black and white 1920's-style tiled bathroom. Even better, it feels like a pillow under our bare feet!"...Berwyn, Pa.

"Cape Code Trio"
8' Round Braided Rug
(Enlarge to see 2 companion rugs)

"The rugs just came...The most beautiful things I've ever seen"
...Cape Cod, Ma.

6' Round Braided Rug

6' Round Braided Rug
(with 6 companion, 2' X 4' Ovals)

"Marge, I can't put into words how lovely the rugs are and how they have brightened up our kitchen. We are getting so many rave reviews from everyone that sees them. They all wonder where I found you. Of course I tell them and show them my album. You also need to know that they were packed so well that I had to do nothing to make them lie flat. We are so pleased with them and want you to know"...Middleburg, NY

5' Round Braided Rug

"The Hoosier "
5' Round Braided Rug

"It's gorgeous Marge....we're all going barefoot around the house these days looking for excuses to go through the hall. It's SO soft and cushy!...Rushville, In.

10' Round Braided Rug

10' Round Braided Rug

" I received your package and I am speechless. The rug is absolutely beyond any words. I can not stop looking at it."...Princeton, IL


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If you're interested in learning to braid check out my 2 new videos,
"How To Make an Oval Braided  Rug" and "How To Make a Round Braided Rug".