Marge's Braided Rugs: Gallery #4

These braided rugs are made completely by hand of 100% new wool according to my client's requirements. They are hand braided, hand laced, and reversible. With proper care they last for generations.

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3' X 4' Oval Braided Rug

"Salt and Pepper"
3' X 4' Oval Area Rug

"The rug resides in the trailer in front of the fireplace and ever one 'oohs and aahs' over it. I thank you so much for this piece of art...all your rugs are works of art" ...Mazatlan, Mexico

5' X 8' Oval Braided Rug

4' X 6' Oval Braided Rug

"Guess you can see from the pictures that the rug is perfect for our home/bedroom. We live in a log house with scored and stained concrete floors. We love it! It came in perfect shape. We didn't have to do a thing to it. Please be assured that we will treasure your work of art for many years to come. Thank you again for all of your good work and help"...Kerrville, Tx

5 1/2' Round Braided Rug

5 1/2' Round Area Rug

11' Round Braided Rug

11' Round Braided Rug

"Enjoying the new rug? I can not put into words just how much. My home is enchanting, magical, romantic, and whimsical... I have never felt more "at home" in my own home. Thank you Marge. You are an angel in my life."

"Wow...Your amazing skill created a beautiful work of art."...Upper Saddle River, N.J.

2 1/2' X 10' Braided Hall Runner

"Firecracker Too"
2 1/2' X 10' Hall Runner

4' X 10' Braided Rug

4' X 10' Hall Runner

"My husband and I enjoyed selecting the colors for our beautiful rug. It sits in our entryway in the colors of both dining and living rooms.
Our new braided rug is so soft and thick, we enjoy taking off our shoes and walking barefoot across it."

"We plan to hand it down to our children someday."

The following three rugs were all made for the same California family. Notice that they are desgned to be complimentary.

36" Round Braided Rug

36" Round Braided Rug

5' X 6' Oval Braided Rug

"Golden Girl"
5' X 6' Oval Braided Rug

26" Round Braided Rug

26" Round Braided Rug

"I'm tickled to be an active participant in the whole planning process but very happy you are, in the final analysis, the definitive word in styling each rug...It's your expertise Marge that makes each rug a masterpiece"....Concord, Ca

"Autumn Spectacle"
6' X 8' Oval Braided Rug
"Fall Duo"
(2) 2' X 3' Oval Braided Rugs
(See enlargement for photo.)

"The rugs arrived on Wednesday...I can honestly tell you that they fit perfectly with my fall motif. I love them so much, you did a beautiful job. Thank you" ...Edgerton, Wisc.

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