Marge's Braided Rugs: Gallery # 5

I have been making braided rugs for over 40 years. These are examples of some of the braided rugs that I have made for my clients during that time. My handmade braided rugs are the finest you can buy. They are all made of 100% coat weight wool and the craftsmanship is unexcelled. I make braided rugs of any size, shape, or color. See "My Valentine" below.

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7' X 9' Oval  Braided  Rug

7' X 9' Braided Rug

"The rug is absolutely beautiful!. My husband likes to stand on the rug in his sock feet. I just sit in my rocker and look at it. You are a wonderful craftsperson. Thank you so much."...Eureka, Ill.


2' X 3' Oval Braided Rug

2' X 3' Oval Entry Rug

" 'Fireside' arrived yesterday afternoon in fine shape. It is beautiful, and I am totally delighted with it!!!!! Can't wait to get started on the next three. I'm probably not your average client Marge, in that I dont live in a big beautiful home, and I'm not wealthy, but I do know what I like, and am willing to save for it."

3' X 4' Heart Shaped  Braided Rug

"My Valentine"
3' X 4' Heart Shaped Area Rug

3 1/2' X 2 1/2' Oval Braided Rug

3 1/2' X 2 1/2' Oval Area Rug

2' X 4' Braided Kitchen Area Rug

2' X 4' Braided Kitchen Area Rug

" I was busy and Marge stood in the kitchen and worked out the perfect color pallate.  We just love them. Even the moving folks were oohing and aahing...
They are so incredibly soft to stand on"

2 1/2' X 4' Rectangular Braided  Rug

2 1/2' X 4' Rectangular Braided Rug

35" X 45" Oval Braided Rug

" You make rugs the way my mother made them..I am so happy that I found you...You do not need to sell me on the virtues of wool; We are sheep ranchers"...Evanston, Wy

30" X 40" Oval Braided Rug

(A companion to "Gilda"...left panel)

6' Round Braided Rug

" The rug arrived in perfect condition. It has been so lovingly made and wonderful to touch. It was wonderful to receive both packets of information from you during the course of the work...the swatch album first and then the photo album and notes at the completion. You put so much love, care and thought into the rug that it makes the total experience really extraordinary for the customer"...Andover, NJ

6' X 2 1/2' Rectangular Braided Rug

" Oh Marge, Your's fantastic. I love it. The basic colors are the same as the oval rug, but you've added some peppy grays and above all you've made a completely different pattern with those same basic colors. It's as if the rug is youthful and fanciful, whereas the dining room rug is somber and adult. They complement without duplicating each other...siblings but not twins. Each has its own personality but the family resemblance is unmistakable. That was just what I was hoping for. I love both of them each in a separate way. You have been so attuned to my tastes and my wishes."...Bethesda, Md


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For more information Email or call me at (203) 431-9379