Marge's Braided Rugs: Gallery # 6

If you want a custom made, high quality, braided rug and you care about value (not just price), then welcome! I personally design and make every rug that I sell and do it the old fashioned way, completely by hand. My braided rugs are not inexpensive but when you consider the amount of time that goes into making one and the quality of the material that is used, they are an excellent value. Each of my braided rugs is custom made for the individual client.

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3 1/2' X 5 1/2' Oval Braided Rug

"The Stratford "
3 1/2' X 5 1/2' Oval Braided Area Rug

"I was utterly shocked that it was done and overwhelmed at how beautiful it is. The colors are perfect and positively jump off of the black background"
"I truly love 'The Stratford'.

2' X 3' Braided Doormat

2' X 3' Doormat

7 1/2' X 5 1/2' Oval Sunroom  Rug

7 1/2' X 5 1/2' Sunroom Rug

7 1/2' Round  Sunroom Rug

7 1/2' Round Sunroom rug
(with 4 matching 16 1/2" chair pads)

4 1/2' Round Braided Rug

4 1/2' Round Braided Rug

"It must be be truly satisfying to you to be able to make such a beautiful piece of art that will warm our home for so many years...Thank you."

"My husband was really impressed. He had been concerned with me ordering something like this over the internet, but thinks they look great."
Renner, S. Dakota

3' Round Braided Rug

3' Round Braided Rug

"The rug looks just super! We love it very much. We like the way you mixed the 2 blue colors to give added interest"...Charleston, W. Va.

8' Round Braided Rug

8' Round Braided Rug

"The rugs arrived in excellent condition. They are even more beautiful in person than in the pictures. They go perfectly with the surroundings. Thanks for everything."...Kanata, Ontario Canada

3 1/2' X 5 !/2' Oval Braided Rug

3 1/2' X 5 1/2' Oval Braided Rug

24"X 20" Oval Braided Rug

"The rug is gorgeous...thanks so much for the work and artistry you put into it...How lucky I was to find your website when I was looking for a braided rug...You are a fine artist."...Manassas. Va.

"Step Softly"
4' Round Braided Rug

"I got the package and rolled out the rug in the room. It is gorgeous. The colors are looks great. Thank you so much for the beautiful workmanship. Once again, you have outdone yourself."...Staten Island, N.Y.
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For more information Email or call me at (203) 431-9379