Marge's Braided Rugs: Picture Rug Gallery #4

Quality Braided Rugs With a Hooked Center

This unique product from Marge's Braided Rugs is a braided rug with a hooked rug center. The scene depicted in the hooked portion of the rug can be chosen from a wide selection of standard designs or you can create your own custom design. If you send us a picture of your pet, your home, a logo, or any other pattern of your choice we can match it. Furthermore, these braided rugs are reversible and if you desire, you can choose a different scene for each side. This gives you, in effect, two rugs for the price of one.

       These braided rugs are:

  • Heirlooom quality...Handmade of 100% new wool
  • Custom made...Your choice of size, style, scenes, and colors
  • Reversible...They will last for generations
  • Made by an expert craftsman using quality material 

                  (Click on photo or title to see enlarged image and the reverse side of the rug)

40" Round Braided Rug


6' Round Picture Rug

6' Round Braided Rug

" I can never thank you enough for making time to complete the rug for this special gift. It is more beautiful than I could imagine"...Arlington, Tx.


34" Round Braided Rug

"Wow, that color is the EXACT color that is in and around the red rose. It's also used as an accent stripe in the bedding. You're very good at this!"...Louisville, Ky

36" Round Braided Rug

"Awesome! Colors are gorgeous...thanks so much for your tender hands"...Orlando, Fl

17" Wallhanging

"Absolutuely thrilled. Can't believe how much you can tell this is Dharma"...Rapid City, SD

"Alleye Girl "
17" Chair Pad

"Marge, the chairpad is beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will cherish this for life. "...Rapid City, SD

39" Picture Rug


39" Braided Picture Rug

39" Picture Rug

"Marge, it is really great and so wonderfully presented. It looks so much like Philly. I thought you would just use a standard cat picture but you actually used her picture. It sits in our LR in front of the fireplace, we both look at it every night and remember how wonderful Philly was. It's like having him back with us."

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