This task involved placing a tapestry piece made by the client's sister into the center of a braided rug made by her mom and grandmother before they passed away. It required putting a rubber backing and burlap on the back of the tapestry to secure the threads, attaching a decorative edging to the tapestry and then lacing it into the center of the braided rug.

It was a fun project and much appreciated by the family.

(Tapestry Before))


(Tapestry Finished)

"... You are truly amazing!!!! I got my rug today, and when I opened it up, all I could do was smile. It smelled clean, it looks so beautiful, and it is so professionally done. I am so amazed at how fast you got it done. ...What you do is unbelievable. I will cherish it forever, and I needed to feel that love of it that reminds me of my mom, grandmother, and sisters. I cannot thank you enough....Most people who run a business today don't care about their work. You do, and that is so refreshing. I debated going through with sending it away, but I am so glad that I did."

"...Thanks so much again! You have made me smile and given me something that I can cherish for a long time. You are wonderful"...Newton, Mass.


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