"Deerhart"...a 6' Round Picture Rug

(Webster: Hart - a male deer or stag)

This stunning work of art was created as a wedding/Christmas gift for a Texas deer rancher and his bride-to-be...a gift from the groom's parents. It will reside in their ranch house which has accent decorations of green and blue bonnet blue. The blending of rust, camel, taupe, pumpkin and melon pick up the deer colors to create a colorful, but elegant look. This will truly become a family conversation piece and an heirloom for the next generation of deer ranchers.

6' Braided Picture Rug

"Fred and Cindy are so thrilled and were glad to get it early. They plan to take it and put it down at the Ranch before Thanksgiving as they will have lots of people there. It thrills my heart because they are so pleased with the rug. It is more beautiful than I could imagine. Thanks again...you have been wonderful to work with, and I could not be more pleased."...Arlington, Tx

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