Marge's Braided Rugs...Client Comments

If you're interested in learning to braid check out my 2 new videos,
"How To Make an Oval Braided  Rug" and "How To Make a Round Braided Rug".

It's hard work braiding and repairing rugs. Believe me when I tell you that I don't do it just for the money. I do it mainly for the enjoyment and satisfaction that I get from making people happy. Here are my client's comments...

"The rug looks absolutely gorgeous. Incredibly beautiful. You have superb taste in turning a client's few bare statements about color into a dream come true. You instinctively knew what I was hoping for, and made it materialize. What I marvel at is that you are able to please customers with such a wide range of preferences. We like such a variety of ways to use color and you are able to please each of us."...Bethesda, Md.

"Wow! The rug is beautiful. It looks better that what I had hoped. In fact, it looks better than ever. You have done amazing work. I can see the passion in this restoration. It will be enjoyed for many years to come."...Clearwater FL

"What can I say?...I have tears in my eyes. You have given me, but more importantly to my daughter Maggie and her granddaughters, a wonderful heirloom."...Spring City, Pa

"The rug means a lot to her and having it back will mean the world to her."...Nashua NH

"Wow! It looks great We are using it in front of the fireplace which we use every night. I remember it being in my home 35 years ago. Thanks so much"...Equador, South America

"Thanks you, Marge, for putting the same kind of care and love into my rug as my grandma did when she made it. The rug is in my room now and looks great. I can't believe how bright it is - and how good it smells. Marge, I can't express how much it means to me that my Grandma's rug is useful again. She made it with love, and I love it."... Denver, Co.

"The rug looks wonderful. You really win the prize for your amazing craftsmanship. Thanks so much"...Carlisle MA

"The rug looks beautiful! To see the difference, and just exactly how you repaired it, was very interesting. I shall treasure the rug and am so thankful I found you to do the work."... Palos Park , Ill.

"Enclosed is a check to cover the cost of my beautiful, beautiful new rug! I can't believe how fully it captures the essence of the original. It feels right at home. Your handiwork is magnificent and I know we will treasure the rug for many tears to come, You're the best!" ..Waltham, Ma.

It was an absolute pleasure and delight to meet you. You did a beautiful job. Everyone loved the rug. In fact, my brother recognized one of the materials as our mother's old coat! I have it my bedroom and it looks lovely. The whole experience was more than just "getting the rug finished." You transformed it into a fond rememberance of things past, a joy in the present and a treasure for the future, through your kind and sympathetic handling of the entire effort. I and my family are truly thankful. Love and many blessings to you….Brooklyn, N.Y.

"We received our rug on Friday. We were very excited, the colors are lovely and suit our home very well."...Buninyong, Victoria, Australia

"The new rug looks fantastic! Thanks so much for all of your work on matching my great aunt's original living room rugs."...Rochester, N.Y.

"We are very pleased. The size is perfect and the colors are more intense and vibrant than in the picture."...Jamaica Plains, Ma.

"Thank you so much for creating a family heirloom for us. I can't believe it was done just in time for our big wedding at the house. You know how hard it was for me to wait to see the finished masterpiece. Well, it was certainly worth waiting for...I get ooh's and ahh's every time someone sees my new rug, Thanks so much for everything."

"I feel so remiss. The rug is as wonderful as this note is overdue. Superb quality. Very chic. Simple but sophisticated. Really perfect for our house. We could not be happier."...New York, N.Y.

"We received your note and the rug album is wonderful. When my husband looked at the album he became choked up. His mother made the braid rugs that this one is to replace and the album brought back very fond memories of his mother. We can't wait to get the rug."...Corvallis, OR.

"I got the package and rolled out the rug in the room. It is gorgeous. The colors are looks great. Thank you so much for the beautiful workmanship. Once again, you have outdone yourself."...Staten Island, N.Y.

"They're here! They are positively beautiful just like you promised. I can't stop looking at them. Your check is in the mail and I will send some pictures soon. It was a long wait but well worth it."...Middletown, Mass.

"You did an absolutely magnificent job restoring-repairing-cleaning Mae's rugs. I sincerely thank you for getting to them right away despite your busy schedule. These rugs are very special to us and having them back in proper condition and so quickly is wondeful"...Glenview, Ill.

"The photos in your lovely keepsake album are stunning! Thank you for devoting so many hours to our rugs careful constuction. You are a modern day marvel with a traditional sensibility"...Philadelphia, Pa

"I am truly excited about having one of your creations in my home. Thank you, again, for all your hard work. I know there must be some difficulty in sending away something you've put so much of yourself into."...Atlanta, Ga.

"Oh my.......It is a thing of beauty! All that planning definitely paid off! I layed it out about an hour ago and left to do errands. Just walked back in and am thrilled all over again.
Your craftsmanship is very lovely. Thank you. I am going to go walk on it barefoot - - - again!"..
.Bountiful, Ut.

"My new rug arrived yesterday and it's absolutely gorgeous. I really love it. I'm so glad I got it as a companion to 'Rebecca', a smaller version of the original. I like having them in my bedroom for now because they not only look good but feel good on my bare feet. "...Golden Valley, Mn

" I just opened the rug. I'm speechless, and you know that there have been very few times in my life that I've been speechless I don't know how you got the pictures but it looks just like him, Unbelievable job" ...Rochester, N.Y.

"...we are enjoying the rug so much!. It looks great in the room with the furnishings. Everyone loves how cheery it is and how, dog love lying on it."...West Chester, Pa.

"I received the rug today! It's fantastic! It's not only beautiful but I'm also happy with the weight and how it is constucted. Very high quality. A true work of art!...Golden Valley, Mn.

"Those are beatiful rugs you made! I wish I had that talent. My favorite is "Sudbury" because it adds flare to the whole room. Another thing I like is the colors. They just blend together so well. The last thing that I like about it is how it fills up the whole room. It just seems like the room is not complete without it . Your Grandaughter, Jennifer (Age 10)

"We had a few moments to take some photos of your creations in their new home. Both fit in so well. Penny is especially fond of Lavender Blue! We feel privileged to have your labors of love and will treasure them forever. Your rugs have completed our home."...Sudbury, Mass.

"...We received the rug yesterday. It is just beautiful! We love it and are looking forward to giving it to Clair tomorrow when she arrives home. It is just on time for her to take to college with her. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness in doing it earlier than scheduled. We would love to order more rugs in the future. It is refreshing to work with someone who adds a wonderful personal touch!...Atlanta, Ga.

"Guess you can see from the pictures that the rug is perfect for our home/bedroom. We live in a log house with scored and stained concrete floors. We love it! It came in perfect shape. We didn't have to do a thing to it. Please be assured that we will treasure your work of art for many years to come. Thank you again for all of your good work and help"...Kerrville, Tx

...I love the rug! I have sat in my living room from where this picture was taken and visualized the rug there for so long, but the reality is so very much more. It seems to finish the space in a completely satisfying way. All my treasures are so much more at home now and the room absolutely beckons. Your work is masterful. I can hardly wait for 'Alberta' to work the same magic in my living room"...Alberta, Canada

"WOW! Simply beautiful. We cannot thank you enough. I was so worried about the rug because I could see that I was not able to repair it. We are thrilled with the result and will take great care to keep it nice."

"The rugs just came...The most beautiful things I've ever seen"
...Cape Cod, Ma.

"Buying one of your rugs has been on my mind since you started...especially one made from coat wool. I can't pass this opportunity by or I know I will regret it. It will be a family heirloom. The rug is at my bedside and it feels great to feel it under my feet evrytime I go to bed or wake up....Va.

"Marge...If I didn't see the pictures of the rug taken apart I would have thought you found a way to clean it. I have been on my hands and knees looking to find the repair and I can't. How do you do it? You are just amazing. I am so excited and now feel at peace again. If I had to live with the rug ruined it would have broken my heart every single day. I can't believe how quickly you did the work. I can tell you love the rug as much as I do because looking at it broke your heart too. I can't thank you enough for saving my rug. You are one of a kind! Thank you thank you thank you....Staten Island, N.Y.

" The rug arrived today. It is just as beautiful as we expected it to be. We rolled it out in Cathy's room and couldn't wait to step on it. It feels thick and plush. Thanks so much for your hard work. That's 2 rugs down and 2 more to go (smile). I'll start saving today"...N.Y., N.Y.

As I wrote in one of my earlier messages, you did everything that I had dreamed of someone doing with this rug that I love so much....I can't say enough to express my appreciation....This rug is now OURS."...Bethesda, Md.

"Majorie's rug has arrived and is proudly sitting atop its new felt pad. You did a wonderful job, maintaining it's character while rehabbing the worn areas. Tom is very pleased to have his mother's rug back. His smile says it all!!! Thanks again for finding the time to complete it so quickly"...Westport, Ma

"Finding a braided rug in stores and through the mail has been tough...they tend to be thin with loads of zigzag threads and unremarkable colors...your rug gallery is extroadinary"...Marblehead Ma.

"The rugs just arrived! That was super fast! They're absolutely beautiful. I love the pretty on my wide pine floors. Thank you so much...I'll be in touch"...Middleburgh, NY

"...And we LOVE the rugs. They are just wonderful. Thank you so very much"...Anacortes, Wa.

"It's gorgeous Marge....we're all going barefoot around the house these days looking for excuses to go through the hall. It's SO soft and cushy!...Rushville, In.

" 'Fireside' arrived yesterday afternoon in fine shape. It is beautiful, and I am totally delighted with it!!!!! Can't wait to get started on the next three. I'm probably not your average client Marge, in that I dont live in a big beautiful home, and I'm not wealthy, but I do know what I like, and am willing to save for it."

"Marge, I can't put into words how lovely the rugs are and how they have brightened up our kitchen. We are getting so many rave reviews from everyone that sees them. They all wonder where I found you. Of course I tell them and show them my album. You also need to know that they were packed so well that I had to do nothing to make them lie flat. We are so pleased with them and want you to know"

"The rug just arrived and it is gorgeous! So soft too! And...yes...the colors are really beautiful!! I love my new rug. Thank you so much. I hope I will enjoy this rug for many years to come"..New York, NY

"The pictures you sent are nothing compared to seeing the rug in person...gorgeous! I never thought we'd get anything as pretty as this...the colors go so wonderfully with the room. Thanks for all your hard work."...Unionville, Tenn.

"The rug is absolutely beautiful!. My husband likes to stand on the rug in his sock feet. I just sit in my rocker and look at it. You are a wonderful craftsperson. Thank you so much."...Eureka, Ill.

"The rug is beautiful. You did a beautiful job and I appreciate your craftsmanship. I just love it! Thanks so much for the special pictures that you sent too!...We love our rug! It is always called Marge's Rug. My husband is forever telling our son to be careful of Marge's Rug"...Costa Mesa, Ca.

" We couldn't be more pleased with our braided rug. Thank you so much. The colors are wonderful: rich, deep, and perfectly matched to our decor. Your help in developing the palette for our rug was much appreciated! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"...Berwyn, Pa.

" Geronimo arrived today...he is beautiful. We could hardly wait to get him in place on the floor like I imagined...he made our living room come alive. We couldn't be happier. Thanks again for such a lovely and beautiful rug. It is even more than we had visualized."...Eufaula. Ok.

"Enjoying the new rug? I can not put into words just how much. My home is enchanting, magical, romantic, and whimsical... I have never felt more "at home" in my own home. Thank you Marge. You are an angel in my life. Wow...Your amazing skill created a beautiful work of art."...Upper Saddle River, N.J.

"This is the most gorgeous thing that I have ever seen. Marge you are so great...I can't believe it. It is stunning...Just a knockout. Even matches the stripes in my wallpaper and the hardwood floor color."...Jacksonville, Fla.

"OH my God! It is beautiful!!!! My heart is so full just seeing the picture. I am so emotional anyway but this is like visiting with the past and my heart is so full. THANKYOU! THANKYOU! THANKYOU!"

"I can't tell you how beautiful that rug is. There are no words to express it and you have outdone yourself. I think this is the lovliest rug you have made thus far. I want you to keep in mind that I want a rug made for my dining room also."

"This rug was in my bedroom when I was a boy. It is now in my son's bedroom but I already told him that when he moves out he is not taking it with him!!!"...Rochester, NY

"The rugs arrived late yesterday. They are stunning. The colors are perfect and the rugs are so luxuriously thick. They are perfect for the room. They really are works of art and we're a little hesitant to walk on them. Your work is beautiful."...Tucson, Az.

"Wow! Pretty jazzy! This looks really beautiful. I'm glad that you and mom were able to work together on this...Thank you verry much for all of your efforts to make her happy...Galien , Mich.

"My husband and I enjoyed selecting the colors for our beautiful rug. It sits in our entryway in the colors of both dining and living rooms.Our new braided rug is so soft and thick, we enjoy taking off our shoes and walking barefoot across it. We plan to hand it down to our children someday."

"...Please accept my thanks now for your delightful surprise. Your work looks gorgeous and it was fascinating to see how you got it done. The book is a lovely momento of your labors, which, in turn, have so beautifully brought back to life my father's labors. Truly above and beyond the call of duty. I am more than happy to pay for the extra four hours beyond the estimate...your instincts were correct to make the work as close to perfect as you could"...Washington, D.C.

"The rugs arrived. They are perfect! Thank you for your excellent workmanship."...Crownsville, Md.

"I feel I know you from reading your site several times now. So helpful and informative, and your rugs are just beautiful. Thank you for the beauty you that you send out into the world through your craftsmanship. It is obvious that you conduct your business with great integrity and your enthusiasm for your work is evident"...Lisa.

"Oh Marge, it is beautiful. But then I didn't expect anything different from you. You are such an artist"

"...we have finally completed the makeover of our guest has a Florida atmosphere and it is where "Starfish" has found its home. I love it. It is so soft and fits so well with our decor. Thanks for your craftsmanship"...Orlando, Fla.

"The rugs arrived in excellent condition. They are even more beautiful in person than in the pictures. They go perfectly with the surroundings. Thanks for everything."...Kanata, Ontario Canada

"I spent a fortune on raffle tickets and didn't win so I ordered a custom rug of my own. I'm so glad that I did as it shows a likeness of my "girl"...It is so beautiful...Rocklin,Ca

"I'm thinking your web site should have 'feet-o-feel' so people can get a feel for what it's like to stand on your rugs! I hope you do this for many years to come so I can get another one!...San Antonio, Tx

"The rug was delivered yesterday. My wife and I love it. We have it at our front door and it looks great. Thanks so much for the excellent work and quick service"...Portage, Ill.

" is gorgeous. The quality is unbelievable!! I love it and really appreciate the time and effort in the album. I can't believe all the work it entails. It is obviously a labor of love."...Northridge, Ca.

"...Good Job! Pleased about my rug. I think that's terrific...and it's even been shampooed. Enhances the colors"...Peabody, Ma.

" Your rug adds so much color and texture to our home I'm having a hard time deciding which room to keep it in. Thank you so much for your beautiful creation"

"...I want to thank you for restoring grandmother's braided rugs. The stitching used to repair the rugs is virtually invisible so it is almost impossible to see the repairs. Your workmanship is so beautiful"

"Wow, that color is the EXACT color that is in and around the red rose. It's also used as an accent stripe in the bedding. You're very good at this!"...Atlanta, Ga.

"I'm astounded that you got it done so quickly! It's just beautiful, and I'm absolutely thrilled with it!...Arlington, Va.

"When I opened up the package I almost cried. It took my breath away."...Soldotna, Ak.

"My favorite carpet is 'BlueBell'. My husband's is 'Carillon'. Both masterpieces are living, breathing, talking, spirits in this home. Amazing! Our son is home for awhile and he said,'...whoever made these braided rugs is an incredible person.' Oh are."...Upper Saddle River, N.J.

"Fred and Cindy are so thrilled and were glad to get it early. They plan to take it and put it down at the Ranch before Thanksgiving as they will have lots of people there. It thrills my heart because they are so pleased with the rug. It is more beautiful than I could imagine. Thanks have been wonderful to work with, and I could not be more pleased."...Arlington, Tx

"The rug just arrived! That was super fast! Thet're absolutely beautiful. I love the pretty on my wide plank floors. Thank you so much. I'll be in touch"

"Marge, Marge, Marge, I'm lost for words. Your Yogi rug is breathtaking. The photo album is Top Class, #1 in my book. What a brilliant idea to show from every step of its creation to the finished product.You made us very happy for many years to come even way, way after our beloved Yogi is gone. All we have to do is look at your masterpiece. I hope to have another project with you soon if that's OK. Love always."...Monroe, NY

"'You have done a great job to make this process accesible and fun! I showed the swatch folder to a friend who also works at the Seattle Design Center and he was impressed too! He said there are many high priced designers that aren't as organized as you! ...Seattle, Wa.

"We LOVE it! Not like it...LOVE it!"
"I had no idea the hooked centers would be so dense and thick. The colors are great and the workmanship is tHrue quality"...
Lebanon, N

"The rug looks just super! We love it very much. We like the way you mixed the 2 blue colors to give added interest"...Charleston, W. Va.

"Just wanted to let you know that Ol' Blue arrived home safely and has a place of honor on our upstairs landing. I really love it's so beautiful"...Marmora, NJ

"The rug has arrived! It's certainly are a true artisan. Your workmanship and attention to every detail is absolutely beyond compare. I feel that not only have I gained a gorgeous new rug but I've made a new friend as well. Many thanks for sharing your talents. Now, that said, I'd like to talk about the next rug.."

"I was utterly shocked that it was done and overwhelmed at how beautiful it is. The colors are perfect and positively jump off of the black background. I truly love 'The Stratford'."

"It must be be truly satisfying to you to be able to make such a beautiful piece of art that will warm our home for so many years...Thank you. My husband was really impressed. He had been concerned with me ordering something like this over the internet, but thinks they look great. We are really happy with the rugs. Would love to have you do a rug for our dining room. I really can't imagine putting any other type of rug there now that I have been "spoiled" with such luxurious rugs. Thank you for all the work you did. I am sure we will love them for many years to come...Renner, S. Dakota


"Oh my how wonderful is this! My brothers and cousins are also so happy to see the rug restored. You are incredible - one of America's treasures as well."...Pensacola, Fl

"Dear Marge...Thank you again for restoring mom's rug to be a thing of beauty. I will be reminded of her each time I step into my living room and will be relieved to see it in its rightful place as a centerpiece rather than tossed aside. With tenderness, Sallie."...Willseyville, NY

"Marge, The rug looks so great!!! Grandma Frederick and my Mom are smiling from heaven right now. Thank you so much for restoring a piece of our fanmilies history"...Taylorsville, Ky.

"All the work you did on it made it as good as new. You must be one of the very few people who knows how to properly repair a rug"...Charlotte NC

"My goodness, there are no words to express my surprise. It is so lovely! Your work is amazing."...Alexandria VA

"You have done a painstaking and beautiful job. Wow!"...Woodbridge CT

"Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all your wonderful work. This is my gift to myself for my 60th birthday.Thanks for taking such good care of "Gladys Marie"."...Aberdeen WA

"Thank you so much for all of your wonderful work. It looks great. I am so proud I could bust. You are a miracle worker. I will take extra special care of it. I can't wait for my family to see it."...Goldston, NC

"All I can say, Marge, is....WOW. It looks beautiful. I am so amazed at what you have done. It doesn't even look like the same rug. How bright the colors are. I am very satisfied ." Oviedo, FL

"Wow. That looks beautiful! I can't believe how much the colors have brightened. Thank you very much."...York PA

"Amazing work! It looks perfect. Thanks for fixing the taper, too. We will follow your rcommendations. No problem with the 6 1/2 hours."... Commerce Township, Mich.

"The rug is gorgeous...absolutely wonderful!"..."We just got the photo book and note. We love the book. What a great idea to show the process. It's fascinating. No wonder you only do 3 a year. What a huge job. Thanks again..." E. Granby, Ct.

"The rug arrived and all I can say is WOW! You are great...thanks so much for saving this treasure for our family"...Salinas, Ca.

"Thanks so much for doing my order. I want you to know how much I'm enjoying my braided rugs. Everyone comments how beautiful there are. And of course I enjoy them everyday."...Middleburg, N.Y.

"Received the rugs and they are just beautiful. Laid them down on the floor and right away my cats loved the fringe also. So everyone is happy. Again the workmanship and color scheme are perfect and I just love to look at them. Thanks again."...Edgerton, Wi.

" Oh Marge, Your's fantastic. I love it. The basic colors are the same as the oval rug, but you've added some peppy grays and above all you've made a completely different pattern with those same basic colors. It's as if the rug is youthful and fanciful, whereas the dining room rug is somber and adult. They complement without duplicating each other...siblings but not twins. Each has its own personality but the family resemblance is unmistakable. That was just what I was hoping for. I love both of them each in a separate way. You have been so attuned to my tastes and my wishes."...Bethesda, Md

"I just wanted to let you know that I just got back from presenting my mother-in-law with the childhood rug that you repaired that her mother had made for her when she was a child. Simply...she was overwhelmed. The repairs came out beautifully and she is so pleased to have the rug next to her bed again. I cannot thank you enough for your quick repair/cleaning. You truly put smiles on peoples faces and souls and fond memories in their hearts. Thank you again!! Have a wonderful summer and I wish you the continued success of your amazing talent."...Ct.

"I couldn't believe that our rugs would be able to be restored to such condition. Thanks so much for the pictures and the explanation about how you restored them. I am going to copy the letter and keep it with our antique list for our children. I just can't believe that we found you on the internet and you were able to save our rugs."...Ledyard, Ct.

"We are delighted with the results. With the history behind the rug there was no way I could not invest in repairing it. Thanks again for your kindness and expertise."...Bethel CT

"Your website galleries and wonderful videos are a continuing source of inspiration, Marge. Every morning we come downstairs to the wonderful sight of "Margery" (Gallery #1). Thanks once again for sharing your craft"...Marblehead, Mass.

"I am so very excited! The 2nd rug is as beautiful as the first and I promise they will have a good home! The world is a more beautiful place because of your talents. I love going to your website and reading about all the rugs you restore and the people you teach to braid themselves. I cannot express my gratitude and awe at how lovely they are."...Linwood, Ks

"I am so proud of that rug. I have taken the little keepsake album to work and showed everyone. It really is beautiful. I cannot wait to see it in person!"...Linwood, Ks

"The rug looks great! Eileen is thrilled."...Middleborough, Ma.

"I was so delighted and thankful to receive the keepsake album from you detailing the steps you took to craft the rug. Seeing the final picture took my breath away...It is a gorgeous work of art"...Thank you Marge for your beauty making and wonderfully attentive professionalism."...Nevada City, Ca.

"The rug is done!!!! I'm Amazed!! Thank you...and also for the great little photo album. What a superb idea. The rug looks absolutely beautiful."...Rochester, Ill.

" The rug arrived in perfect condition. It has been so lovingly made and wonderful to touch. It was wonderful to receive both packets of information from you during the course of the work...the swatch album first and then the photo album and notes at the completion. You put so much love, care and thought into the rug that it makes the total experience really extraordinary for the customer"...Andover, NJ

"The rugs look amazing! I know my mom will be excited when she sees them. Thank You!"...Hannah

"Wow!...The rug looks great"...Hawthorne, N.J.

"You brought tears to my eyes with your beautiful handiwork. Words cannot express how happy you have made me. Great job. I only wish I found you sooner. Thank You, Thank You and Thank You."...Richmond, Ky

"It looks terrific! You did an amazing job and I am thrilled. Thanks so much for all your work and the quick turn around. (We keep the dog out of the room now.)"...Lowell, Ma.

"Wow!! They look fantastic. I didn't expect you to be done with them so soon. That's terrific. Thanks so much."...Waltham, Ma.

"Yes, the rug arrived just fine. I placed the rug in the foyer as I had planned and it looks great."...Wadsworth, Ohio

"I received the rug yesterday and I love it! It inspires me to get started on making my own"

"Unwrapped it this past weekend and it is lovely! Even got started on rearranging the area in which it resides. Thank you so much for your follow up and efforts. We love it!...Sierra Vista, Az

"Really looks good. Can't tell where you fixed it"...Mount Kisco N.Y.

"Pictures look great...can't wait to see it. Thank you very much."...Pittsburgh, Pa.

"The rugs were delivered yesterday and they are beautiful" ...Golden Valley, Mn

"Received the rug yesterday. It is beautiful. Bonnie is very pleased. Thanks for the great work. It is a work of art that we will enjoy for many years to come. God willing." South Orange, N.J.

"The rug is gorgeous...thanks so much for the work and artistry you put into it...How lucky I was to find your website when I was looking for a braided rug...You are a fine artist."...Manassas. Va. "

"...The stairtreads are beautiful and look great on our hallway stairs!"...South Orange, N.J.

"The rugs arrived this morning. We couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for a wonderful job."...West Chester, Pa.

"I love them...they are so beautiful"...L.I., N.Y.

"The rugs arrived on Wednesday...I can honestly tell you that they fit perfectly with my fall motif. I love them so much, you did a beautiful job. Thank you" ...Edgerton, Wisc.

"....I love looking at all your restorations and new rugs...they are like being in a braided rug museum! Of course we have our own exhibit at home which we enjoy every day, thanks to your skill at fixing up Wes' grandmother's rugs. I must say that since we've had the braided rugs repaired by you, I think I'm beginning to like them as much as the oriental rugs...and they do make more of a statement than the oriental rugs."

"Oh, Marge, when I got home from a meeting tonight, the little rolled up rug was sitting outside my door. Simply beautiful and above all, perfect for the spot I wanted it in. It perks up the whole area. It is perfect in size and color, and now I have a real "Marge" creation."...Bethesda, Md.

"hey nana! we got it!! love it so much!! looks great in our bedroom!"...Brooklyn, N.Y.

"Obviously we love the rug. It truly is a work of art and already has been seen by our friends and admired. Your craftsmanship is outstanding and I'm sure the rug will outlive us. Again, thanks for giving us the finishing touch to our family room."...Erie, Pa.

"Everybody that comes into our condo comments on the rug and how well it goes with the decor...I loved the album"...Mazatlan, Mexico

"After much anticipation, my rug has arrived and could not be more beautiful than it is. You truly do marvelous work! The rug catches your eye as soon as you walk into the room. It just couldn't look more perfectly at home than it is! Thank you so very much".....Tucson, Az

"Patience is a virtue. I can wait because the wait is worth it. Thank you so much! You do beautiful work and I understand why you are booked solid"

"I was in a craft store in Okotoka Alberta on Friday past, and they were selling hand braided rugs produced by a local woman. They were all wool and looked very much the same, but they were not as tightly woven and the lacing was all over the back., so not reversible. Made me love my rugs even more. YOU ROCK! "...Blessings, Sandy.

"The rug resides in the trailer in front of the fireplace and ever one 'oohs and aahs' over it. I thank you so much for this piece of art...all your rugs are works of art" ...Mazatlan, Mexico

"This is just to tell you that I have gone through your entire web site and it's great! Better yet is your artistry and skill. I looked at every restoration and some of them brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for doing what you do...."

"The results were fantastic and revived a rug that my wife has long held dear. She is pleased by the work and the fact that we will be able to use the rug in our bedroom in our new home in Va."...East Windsor, NJ

"The rug looks great! You do such great work." ...Forrestville, Ct.

"They look wonderful!! Thank you for the quick work. I have a couple of more rugs to come your way." Brewster, Mass.

"I love looking at your pictures and am glad you're still keeping at it. What you did for me ("Jane's Treasure") is a marvel that I silently thank you for, every single day."

"...admire your handiwork. They are wonderful. Can't wait to see them down again. Thank you so much for your help with my special rugs"...Lyndenborough, N.H.

"...the chairpads are so well made and beautiful and thick and comfortable that I can't imagine parting with them. Our room is neutral and they look just the day that I've had them I've fallen in love with them. I am very much looking foward to working with you in the coming months."...Andover, N.J.

"WOO WOO! 'The Virginians' arrived today. You are a true craftsman. The colors are absolutely beautiful!! The texture is wonderful, so thick and cushy. ..My husband helped his Grandmother braid rugs when he was a young boy and he told me how sore his hands would be after working on them. He said that your rugs are a work of art and they truly are. They are your labor of love. Thanks again Marge."...Fredericksburg, Va.

"Thanks so much for the beautiful heirlooms. I just sit and look at them. You made them just as I pictured them, bright and beautiful. Let me know when you get the information for the next rugs I want to purchase."...Edgerton, Wi.

"I picked up the rug on Friday and was quite surprised by the weight. I didn't realize it was so thick. Once we placed it in it's new home we knew it was absolutely perfect for the spot... Rob and I wish to express our sincerest appreciation for the time, effort, detail and love that went into this creation. We will treasure it and ensure that it will travel safely from generation to generation"...Brooksville, Fla

"The rug arrived...and its just gorgeous. The colors are absolutely perfect. I love it!!"..."One thing I especially like about the way it came out is the "old fashioned" look which I love. My grandmother used to braid rugs and would always include many colors...and I think of her when I look at my new rug"...Kanab, Utah

"The rug is absolutely beautiful... I keep it in the dining room and the proportions are perfect."...Calgary, Alberta,

"The rug arrived and it is just beautiful"...Geneseo, N.Y.

"Well, we just don't know what to say! The rug turned out to be wonderfully finished! This is the first time it really looks like it was supposed to when it was originally made. What is interesting, I don't remember all the printed material in the rug. Your work is realy nice and we have decided we cannot just put it away as planned. We intend to use it (carefully) and care for it as you explained."
We will be leaving at the end of the month to see Richard's mom and cannot wait to show her the pictures of it in the living room. She will be as pleased as we are. Thank you so much!! I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that has a need for your services."..
.Lenexa, Ks

"I just love the colors. It will brighten up the hallway perfectly"...Sudbury , Ma.

"You are good! They have a whole new new life. Do you think you could do anything with me? The oval will be an excellent size for the entry. It is a traffic area but with less feet involved than there used to be."...Riverdale, N.Y.

"The graphic quality of our braided rug--contemporary yet classic--is the perfect touch in our black and white 1920's-style tiled bathroom. Even better, it feels like a pillow under our bare feet!"...Berwyn, Pa.

"Great repair job!...Now I have to start saving for one of your custom rugs"...Mount Kisco NY

"Love , Love, Love it. Moreover, my son Alex loves it. Something very special just for him. So glad I found you on the internet. In a few years we'll have to get Nina (my 4 month old) her own special rug. With warm appreciation"...Huntington, N.Y.

"It is beautiful. You did a marvelous job on this. Thanks again, so much."...Oshkosh, Wi.

"Marge, I love looking at your restoration projects and I know exactly how each of those recipients feels. A little bit of you is in all our homes"....Jane (of "Jane's Treasure")

"You are a wonder. Your work is carefully and beautifully done. Speaking as one braided rug maker to another, I am always impressed. If I were a person with money, I'd order some up right now. But I'm not, so I can only appreciate the lovely photos. Good work!" Barb

"It is beautiful and we love it. Thank you so much for everything"...W. Leechburg, Pa.

"I received the rug shipment today and I am so very pleased. It is so plush and vibrant - it takes my breath away. My kids even wanted to sleep on it last night ."..."Thanks so much for the wonderful addition to our home! I am very proud."...Ewa, Hawaii

"Marge, You are a true artist...I could cry just looking at it"... Millbrook, N.Y.

"The rug just arrived and I unpacked it eagerly. I can tell where you worked on it only with the closest inspection. I have placed it in my office, where it glows against the beautiful bamboo floor. It definitely looks like it belongs there!"...Cary, N.C.

" I received your package and I am speechless. The rug is absolutely beyond any words. I can not stop looking at it."...Princeton, IL

" The rug came today! It is gorgeous. I am still in awe. Although I didn't know quite how to express my preferences in the design process, you managed to read my mind very well. The rug is perfect. Thank you so much for your hard work."...Providence, R.I.

"Since we received the most beautiful rug you made for us, I am always so pleased when I walk into our den. We both are in awe of your amazing talent to make these rugs. We couldn't be happier with the rug and how it brightened up our room. We certainly made the right decision as there could be no other rug that would have been so perfect for us. Thanks again"...Arcadia, Ca

" The rugs just arrived! Oh, my, how special and delicious! I am thrilled; they make the kitchen look finished, just as I had imagined. Thanks you so much for your craftsmanship and care. This has been just a pleasure of an experience."...W. Newton, Ma.

"They look fantastic!!!...Love them, the color and everything is great. I think now we may want a runner to go with these. Many thanks...again, you do great work"

"...We love it, we all love is worth every penny plus we've come to "know" this lovely lady in Ct....Thanks again for everything. We are truly delighted"...Columbia Falls, Mt.

" Thank you so much - I feel so fortunate to have come across your website and have made a connection with you so easily. I think the chair pads are very special - I purchased the chairs (made here in CT) and now the pads (also handmade here in CT). We have a very old home filled with famity, friends and lots of love - The pads just seem "right" - I really appreciate everything!"

"My rugs are BEAUTIFUL. They look great in my bedroom and are so soft under foot. You realize now that you have SPOILED me beyond repair and I will never be able to have another rug but yours. Thanks so much for the work you do!"...New York, NY

"We finally finished the room for the new member of the family, the beautiful heirloom that you made for us and our home and family. Everyone just can't believe how beautiful, and thick, and perfect this "Sooner" rug is. They are all green with envy and wonder how I came upon finding you and your excellent work and quality. It sure is perfect in this house, 200 + years old! Thank you for letting us have this rug for our home"...Williamstown, Ma.

"Oh my goodness!!! The rugs are so so beautiful!!!! They are truly works of art, and I am so thankful that I found you. "Golden Girl" is such a prize!! My Golden Girl, Courtney, to be married soon, and I think the rug would be such a wonderful gift,'s so awesome I don't think I'll be able to part with it. "Kate" is wonderful as well, all the colors are totally perfect. "Pinwheel" is in the baby's room...looks specially made for it! With all my heart, thank you. Check will go out this week. You're a beautiful artist Marge, and my family and I will have several lifetimes to enjoy the rugs."
...Concord, Ca.

" You make rugs the way my mother made them..I am so happy that I found you...You do not need to sell me on the virtues of wool; We are sheep ranchers"...Evanston, Wy

"We are thrilled to death! The rug looks just like it used to look and it's so nice having it back. It's like a family member coming's comforting to see it used again. The rug was used by my mother-in-law by her bed for 30+ years. You did a wonderful job and we can't thank you enough for all the extra work you did. It's very much appreciated."...Madison, Al.

"Marge, it is really great and so wonderfully presented. It looks so much like "Philly". I thought you would just use a standard cat picture but you actually used her picture. It sits in our LR in front of the fireplace, we both look at it every night and remember how wonderful "Philly" was. It's like having him back with us."

"The gift arrived and she loved it!! She called me in tears....`The colors are perfect, the size is perfect and it's beautiful`.....sob.....sob... So there you have it. Another very happy and satisfied customer! Again Marge, thank's been a delight working with you on this project. I wish you continued success in your business of creating family heirlooms...Oceanside, Ca.

"Everyone who has seen it marvels at the way you got it to match not only the room it is in but how it blends with the decor in the living room as well."..Seattle, Wa.

" I was busy and Marge stood in the kitchen and worked out the perfect color pallate. We just love them. Even the moving folks were oohing and aahing..They are so incredibly soft to stand on"








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