Braiding With Marge Videos...Client Reviews

Here's what my clients have to say about the videos...

(Some first timers and some veterans)

"I guess you have heard from people like me ( just learning) so many times that it must be old hat to you by now. I called my first rug "Pinkie" and I thought the colors were beautiful. I learned a lot especially by making errors and trying to fix them. I like your way of braiding. I like the heavy wool and the wide braids. I felt like I had met a new friend after the first tape and I was sorry to see you go. . Thanks so much for teaching me."

"I've been studying the DVD's you sent to me and I LOVE THEM!! You make it so wonderful to work right along with you and I feel pretty comfortable to do this on my own. I found some fabric that I just adore and my husband is as excited about it as well. (What a blessing.) Thank you for this wonderful new art form (new for me). I'm having a ball."...Darla

Re: "Fire & Ice" pattern:
"... someone wants me to make one and they are willing to pay one hundred dollars for one. It seems they think it looks like an Ohio state rug because of the "O" in the middle. They are Ohio state fans.Thank you for sharing your patterns. You are indeed very talented."

"Here it is, measuring 26 ½ x 37 ¼ inches. “Baby Blue” is soft and luxurious, and modeled after Kenai (hope you don’t mind). Everyone likes her, and I enjoyed creating her! Baby Blue looks terrific in front of the door to our upper deck.Your video was wonderfully detailed and encouraging, Marge. At your suggestion I switched to a dark lace and it solved my problem. On the last row I inadvertently laced the braid with its double edges outward. Fortunately, I realized what I had done before I cut and butted the ends. On such a small rug, unlacing and re-lacing is quick. One of the hardest parts of my rug project was getting the wool, but I should be better at it the second time around.My next rug will be 3 x 5, the second in a trilogy planned for our guest bedroom. I never tire of looking at your beautiful rug gallery…so inspiring! Our beautiful “Margery” greets us every morning, still looks brand new, and regularly receives compliments. Thank you for sharing your expertise. This is a good avocation for me: I love color, I love working with my hands, and I have always loved braided rugs! You may use my name and comments with the picture. Your appreciative student"... Marge

"You certainly did "change the face of rug braiders" after my experience at "braid camp"..which was a costly one for me. I am at the moment attempting a 14' runner using only your directions and can admit with confidence that it is going much smoother than what others had instructed me to do. Canada is in need of someone who can also change the face of rug braiders here...I have not located one braider who teaches or is making rugs."

"My first rug is 8 feet round and so beautiful to me.
I like it better than the 2 inch strips method. It goes faster and gives one a thick and more gorgeous rug!"

"...Thank you for taking the time to create a video that will pass on your knowledge."

"Found you on the web. The absolute best instructional video I have ever used. You did a fantastic job on telling me how to create your beautiful rugs. I have been ordering wool from all over thanks to your advice as to where to go. Not all has arrived yet so have only made my charts and decided on size. Almost ready to start braiding with the wool I do have. Once again, thank you so much for all of your help."

"I received your DVD's this week and have been devouring them. I'm taking your advice and listening to all the lessons before I start my first project. I feel I've gotten to know you (and you are charming!) Thanks again."

"Good morning Marge, here is my first rug, called 'Earth Wind and Fire'....It took me 18.3 hours. I completed it late last night...Happy braiding, I am now going to attempt some stair treads. Any tips?"

"My first reaction AMAZING! Your braided rug instructions are very clear and the camera man was suberb with the closeups."

"My twin sister and I purchased your two videos...I have the round and she has the oval. I can't say enough nice things about your video! I have to admit I took braided rug lessons a year ago but to have the video to play whenever needed is invaluable! Plus just learning at a braided rug class, one does not always grasp the details when presented. I watch the video bits and pieces over and over. My rug is now on row 20. You are a remarkable person to share your rug making skills. Thank you so much!"

"The program is so personal, I feel as though we are in a room together."

"I received the DVDs and watched the one on making an oval braided rug.  I have a whole new appreciation for the effort that goes into this and truly admire your workmanship.  My husband watched part of it and was impressed as well.  Very good DVD - organized, methodical and easy to follow.  Thank you for making them. I have no experience in braiding a rug  so it is a bit daunting to me right now.  I'm going to take your advice and take one lesson at a time! " 

"I received your videos and was very impressed with your approach to rug braiding. Your instructions are clear and concise. I especially appreciate your including the little stumbling blocks we experience, and how to correct them as we go along. The glowing reviews I read before ordering are deserved. Bravo!"

I am anxious to get braiding. I have received my DVD's today!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent. I love how thorough you are with your video. So far, so great!"

"Marge, I must tell you what a wonderful DVD you produced. I watched it for the first time over the weekend. I knew there had to be a method to figure out all the things that go into making a braided rug. My daughter is getting married in June and wants a braided rug for her living room. I can only hope that I'm not biting off more than I can chew. Thanks again!"

"The videos are outstanding! I am not exactly sure how soon I will attempt a rug. There is a lot more to it than I realized...even though you make it look easy. They are very well done."

"I received your videos on Saturday and have watched them all the way through and have gone back and watched the part about planning and figuring how much wool you will need twice. I have planned out my rug and am ready to go. I am very excited...the videos are awesome. You did a great job explaining things and showing us how."

"I so enjoyed your video and feel as if I know you personally."

"I just watched the 8 lessons. Great job explaining. I did some research and purchased some wool that was advertised as coat weight wool. One of the colors was a much lighter weight than the others. If you could provide me with vendors for wool I would greatly appreciate it."

"I am in awe of your work and how you explain things. I don't know yet if I am capable of taking on the task of making a rug of the size that I would like."



"I received your round rug video as a present and I am thoroughly enjoying learning from you - you are a fantastic teacher! I’ve been braiding rugs( or should I say attempting to braid) since the early 80’s and have used braid aids. The rugs have come out ok, but nothing compares to your design and use of color. Your method of using a larger strip, how to calculate the increases, join the lacing twine is absolutely wonderful. I’ve been using your video constantly! Thank you for creating your video and website. Making rugs is a wonderful expression of art."

"I have tried to make a rug several times during my life and I have always failed. After retiring last year I decided to try again and bought a book, tools and wool. It turned yet again into another frustration and failure. Then I bought your DVD's!!! Your instructional techniques, demonstrations and continual encouragement are wonderful. Thank you for making such a comprehesive DVD. When watching it, I feel as though I'm taking a class with you. Your explanations and repeated demonstrations are remarkable and easy to follow. The DVD has been a real blessing. I think, after 51 years, I am actually going to braid that rug. Thanks again."...Sue

"I have made 2 rugs. I almost cried when I finished them. They are so beautiful. I showed the girls at work - they loved them. After waiting for the dvds, I was not letting them out of my house......I told numerous girls about your web site. I think I am becoming a Marge's Braided Rug snob, oh, oh. I am having so much fun. Thank you...THANK YOU"... Sandra

"Here is a photo of the rug my son and his classmates (6th grade) made for a silent auction fundraiser using your videos. Both are 11 years old. (See photo in "Marge's Gang's Creations on the website). This was our first rug, I'm getting ready to start another. I'm hoping we can do a bigger rug for next years auction."

"I started braiding in Feb. 2006 using the 2" wide strips and braid-aids. Then I purchsed your video and began a new adventure of braiding with the 4" wide strips. My fifth rug is your style...which I love. It is a nicer feel to braid by hand. With each rug I get braver with colors as my wool stock gets bigger. I do not plan my rug exactly. I have an idea in mind and try to go for it. It always changes anyway! I now know how to plan thanks to your DVD. Your techniques have helped me so much in changing colors. I had been stuck on changing one color at a time. I now do two at a time. Thanks again for the instruction video."...Jodi

"You are right about the excitement I am feeling for rug braiding. I have seen braided rugs at craft shows, county fairs and boutiques but was let down by the craftsmanship. When I found your website and watched your preview video it was like a lightning bolt hit me. Compared to the other rugs yours have a beautiful finished, polished look. I am a perfectionist and I want my work to be perfect. Thank you for being on the website for me to find."...Janet

"The 8 foot round is my best work so far. This is due to all the instruction from your video. It was the first time I butted the outside row! It was the first time I used the plaiting method too. I really enjoyed the larger braids. Whenever my husband and I go on a long trip I pack up a basket of wool strips, a spray bottle of water, pins and a wooden cutting board out of an old cabinet. As we travel, I coil!! I feel lucky to be able to braid and enjoy it so much. It is so much fun to able to make something so beautiful. I am amazed to have finally found my calling."

"I have you to thank for my color changing ability. Your DVD's are excellent!!! Plus, I enlarged photos of your rugs and studied them. I am disabled and don't work anymore. I was so lost in the world until I bought your DVD's. I feel passionate about something again and that means the world to me. I love going to thrift stores and salvaging unwanted items and this hobby was perfect for me. The rug I made for my sister only cost $6 to make from vintage coats!!! Now everyone in my family wants one!!! My next rug is for my neice. Her bedroom has leopard fabric, so this will be a challenge for me!!! I'm slow at this, but I keep busy and am so grateful to have found youe website. Thank You."

"Here's a photo of the rug I just finished using your method. I must say I've become addicted to your method and can't see mayself going back to Braid Aids. Even the coiling which I thought would be boring isn't so leaves my mind free to wander. My color changes aren't perfect nor was my taper row but that will change with practice, hopefully. As you see other mistakes I've made, I appreciate any tips you might have to correct them.Unfortunately, I paused and skipped and forwarded so much, I wore out the first DVD, Lessons 1-4."

"I really meant to send you a picture sooner. I had a hard time getting the colors to come out correctly with my old camera. I finally moved the rug outside, so the rug is out of context, but the colors are more true. I hadn't thought about naming it - but I guess it would have to be "Smokey" since I pulled the colors from a painting of the Smokey Mountains. Thanks to your great video I have completed this my first rug! I hope to do more soon."

"Certainly a great set of videos Marge. I bet they will sell like hotcakes...I took them to the Pa. "Braid-In", along with a laptop. The last evening quite a crowd gathered to watch them with all agreeing that your production values are tons better than anything we've seen in braiding videos or tapes. Your techniques were of interest to all."

"I Googled in about making braided rugs and yours was a site that came up and I liked the way your rugs looked. They are just beautiful. I had already bought 4.75 yds. of material for just a dollar a yard and had started to make one. I figured at that price it wouldn't matter how I messed up. Then I saw part of your video on your site and realized I did everything wrong from the start."

"I just went through all eight lessons of your DVD without a break. Like a really good book I couldn't quit until I saw it all."

"Your video is great! Your well organized step-by-step approach has been most helpful. I think I braid a little too tight and thats why it has been so tricky to keep the lacing from showing. Tapering was the hardest part, and although my taper is satisfactory, I hope to improve that skill on my next rug. Your instruction is inspiring, and when I get past this hand problem I plan to start a second rug to compliment this one. I will certainly let you know when my rug is completed. Merry Christmas to you and all your handsome family!"

"One of the great values of having the videos is that they can be played over and over until you understand."

"Marge, My videos came today. Just watched Lesson I and am now in search of fabric. The instruction is so effectively presented. I am confident that I will be able to do this."

"When it comes to the section 'Calculating Yardage Requirements', I had to view it several times to really understand. It becomes clear then."

"The photography is amazing and the intro makes the whole program very personal right from the start."

"I have attached photos of my first 2 rugs. The purple one is a 2 X 3 for my mom. The brown and gold one is for my kitchen. I just have to tell you that I showed my friend my rug I was so proud of, and she asked me if I could make 2 for her!!! I am stunned and thankful and very excited. Of course I will ask her to pay just for the material since I am still practicing. Those butts still cause me grief."

"...And I will have you know that I finally started coiling last night and I'm having a ball!!"

"I am so glad you made the videos. I learn so well from seeing videos. I do like the fact that I can watch them exactly when I am on a certain step."

"The video I am watching has unbelievable detail. Very good presentation."

"I am now watching lesson 2 of the oval DVD. Very motivating. You are magic with those braids."



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