This 7' X 9' American treasure is an unbelievable 120 years old. This 19th century masterpiece has survived this long thanks to the original crafts person's hand sewing the braids tightly together. There was much material disintegration and that required using salvaged outside rows to replace 10 bad sections. Twenty butts (splicing 6 strands of braid) were needed to do this. All in all 17+ hours of labor were required which included a lot of hand sewing and bending. It was my priviledge to be able to save this wonderful example of Americana.

"Antiquity" Before


"Antiquity" Before

Disintegrated Material Removed from Rug

One of Restored Sections

Antiquity Back Home


"Thank you, thank you. That was a lot of hard work and you did it so fast. We are happy to see it again."...Gilroy, Ca.
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