Aunt Gladys' Rug

I recently got the following email: "Hi Marge; I have an 8' round picture rug beautifully made by my Aunt Gladys perhaps 30 years ago. It is in great shape. It has a rose hooked rug in the center. The problem is that the rug cannot be reversed because there is no hooked rug on the other side as your rugs have. I would like you to either turn the rose to the other side so that I can use the less faded side of the rug, or put another hooked rug on the back...Lisa"

Lisa was right. When I received the rug it was in beautiful shape except with an unforseen problem with the hooked portion of her Aunt's rug. The brownish backing to which she attached the wool had deteriorated badly and it was only a matter of time before the hooked rug would start to unravel. There were already a few brown threads peaking through.

When I took off the backing, I used a special liquid rubber backing made for hooked rugs and applied it to both hooked rug backs. Then to be sure they were stable, I glued them together in selected spots. This made the aunt's rug stiffer and less likely to have problems in the future...and Lisa, you now have a reversible picture rug!


The front of Aunt Gladys' rug showing the rose hooked center

The rear of Aunt Gladys' rug with its new center hooked rug.

Hi Marge, Thanks so much for the work you did on Aunt Gladys' rug. I think it came out very well. I also like how the design in the center looks tighter than before. I settled it today in my guest bedroom (light traffic area) and it really looks beautiful. Thanks to you I can enjoy the side that hadn't been used before - it's like having a brand-new rug. I'm sure it will last for many years to come. Thanks again for all you did to preserve and even enhance it. Showing it at its best is a nice tribute to my Aunt and her handiwork as well. Best wishes to you and you family. Sincerely, Lisa

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