"Bertha's Rug"...(a
10' X 12' Oval Braided Rug)

This remarkable restoration was to a rug made in the early 1960's from clothing purchased in Goodwill stores. It was constructed by three generations of women in the Fisher family...the great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother of the heir.

It is constructed of wool, with a multi-colored, multi-patterned palette. It is approximately a 10' X 12' oval.

It was in such horrible condition that the cost to repair it was more than the family wanted to incur, so they sent it to me to repair and sell it if I wanted to take on the challenge.

I did just that and the results are obvious.

I replaced one broken braid section with new braid, removed the outside row to make a new taper one row inside the edge, and replaced the outside row with a continuous necklace with no obvious beginning or end. This fixed the ripple effect. I then hand sewed many broken strands so that they did not cause future problems.

But most importantly, I relaced 2,707 inches (276') of broken braid in 70 different places. The rug now lies completely flat.

I also fixed the "sprouts", and vacuumed and cleaned both sides. Both sides are useable. The only flaw in this otherwise perfect rug is a black stain that will not come out. To me, this is not an issue.

Cleaning and care instructions will be sent with the rug.

It is now in wonderful condition and ready to find a new home and offer many more years of pleasure to the lucky family that owns it next.

PRICE: $2150 plus shipping.

"Bertha's Rug" (Before Restotation)

"Bertha's Rug" (After Restotation)

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