"Deb's Rug"

This 33"X 4' 3" oval rug originally belonged to the grandmother of my client's mom's neighbor. This dates the rug to be 60-80 years old. Deb wanted the rug repaired to put beside her bed. It had always been at the side of her mom's bed until she died. It has great sentimental value to Deb. Repairing it required replacing a 17" and a 36" section, removing the outside row and putting on a new outside row to stabilize the rug. A fun project.

"Deb's Rug" Before


"Deb's Rug" (Repaired Section)

"Deb's Rug" After

"My goodness, there are no words to express my surprise. It is so lovely! Your work is amazing."...Alexandria VA

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