"Doris Emma's Rug"
(10 1/2' X 13' Oval Braided Rug)

The current owner of this rug told me, "...one of the earliest memories of my grandmother is her sitting on the floor finishing the rug. She was a wonderful seamstress but this is the only rug she ever made." My first thought was to remove the outside row and use it to replace the many areas of destroyed braid...until she told me that the black outside braids were made from her grandmother's overcoat. No way was I going to destroy that!!! So I made new braid to replace 10 sections of missing braid requiring 20 butts (splices). I also replaced 15 sections and repaired 30 broken strands. After the shampoo it looks as good as new!

"Dorris Emma's Rug" Before


Before Closeup


Closeup of Repaired Section

Entire Rug After Repairs

"Thank you so much for all of your wonderful work. It looks great. I am so proud I could bust. You are a miracle worker. I will take extra special care of it. I can't wait for my family to see it."...Goldston, NC

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