"Faustina's Rugs "

These 2 precious, 4' X 6' oval braided rugs were made in Maryland by Faustina, my clients mother. She was born in 1900 and was in her mid 60's when she made them. Based on the quality of these rugs, she was a master crafts person. Because of the quality of the work these 50-60 year old rugs were relatively easy to repair and the results were great. To fix them I removed the damaged outer row from one rug and used the material I salvaged to repair broken and missing braids in both rugs. Altogether 16 broken braid strands were repaired to look like new. After cleaning the rugs looked wonderful as you can see. They will be treasures for a future generation of this family for sure.

"Faustina's Rugs" Before

"Faustina's Rug" Before

"Faustina's Rugs" After

"The colors look so much nicer and the rugs so much brighter. I was going to throw them out...now I'm glad I didn't."...Southport, NC
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