"Hinckley Heirloom"

This treasured heirloom was made in the late 1940's byMajorie, a direct descendent of Thomas Hinckley who was Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1600's when Massachusetts included New Hampshire and Maine. It is the oldest (60 years) and most in need of repair of any rug I have ever restored. Owned now by Marjorie's son who did not want to part with it, it is now ready to be put in a place of honor in his home.

"Hinckley Heirloom" Before

"Hinkley Heirloom" After

"Majorie's rug has arrived and is proudly sitting atop its new felt pad. You did a wonderful job, maintaining it's character while rehabbing the worn areas. Tom is very pleased to have his mother's rug back. I had removed it a few months ago and replaced it with a smaller one, so it has been missing longer than just the time you had it. His smile says it all!!! Thanks again for finding the time to complete it so quickly"...Westport, Ma
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