"Isabelle's Rug"

I would like to keep this one myself. When I received it I wasn't sure it was repairable. I decided to remove all of the bad rows and rebuild the rug with outside rows. I put 7 rows back on using the salvaged material. Each row was spliced to form a continuous necklace with no obvious beginning or end. The taper row is hidden 8 rows in. It turned out to be a beautiful 7' X 9' rug...a labor of love. It was made by the owner's grandmother, Isabelle Cabbage, in Omaha, Nebraska sometime during the 1950's. It was originally 9' X 12'. Chair feet caused damage that spread ruining the entire mid-section of the rug.

"Isabelle's Rug" Before


"Isabelle's Rug" After



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