"Jane's Treasure "

My oldest repair! Bought as an antique at auction in 1963 by owner's mother, it was already very old, but age unknown. A good guess is that it is now 70-80 years old. It came to me in terrible condition...many broken rows of braid, very bad outer rows and very unstable...any little move and more threads broke. I removed a foot of bad rows from the outside and put on a new black border row to stabalize it. Then I repaired many feet of broken strands and cleaned it on both sides. As you can see by the "after" pictures, it is now in a useable state and should be able to be enjoyed for some years to come.

"Janes's Treasure" Before

"Jane's Treasure" After

"Marge, What a beautiful, beautiful, triply and quadruply beautiful job you did with my rug. I have trouble believing my eyes when I look at it (which I keep doing). It's like new-- if a 75 to a 100 year old rug could look like new. It's stunning. It's gorgeous. And the reduced size is exactly right for the size of my living room.....As I wrote in one of my earlier messages, you did everything that I had dreamed of someone doing with this rug that I love so much....I can't say enough to express my appreciation....This rug is now OURS."...Bethesda, Md.
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