"Jane & Mary's Creation"

This 10' X 12' oval rug came to me in very bad condition - the worst I have ever seen.
The shipper had bound it with a steel band that cut into the rug and ruined many areas. I needed a hacksaw to remove the band. Worse yet, the plastic used to ship the rug had torn off and the rug had been tossed and dragged around in a truck with no covering all the way from Florida.
It is one of the many rugs made by the owner's grandmother who immigrated here from England and who used old coats to make her rugs. It is about 70 years old.
It needed five damaged sections repaired from braid salvaged from two outside rows. Cleaning it after its hair-raising ride here was a real problem and I removed a quart of sand and grit before I was able to shampoo it. It turned out the be magnificent and has many years of life left.

Before 1


Before 2

"Jane & Mary's Creation" After

"All I can say, Marge, is....WOW. It looks beautiful. I am so amazed at what you have done. It doesn't even look like the same rug. How bright the colors are. I am very satisfied ." Oviedo, FL


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