"Karen's Rug "


Made by Karen's grandmother, the rug is in excellent shape except for one section a puppy chewed 15 years ago. It had been in disrepair for years when I received it and by now needed relacing in some areas as well as a good cleaning. I removed an outside row and was able to use two salvaged strands from that row to repair the damage. I added matching material for a 3rd row repair. Looks great again.

"Karen's Rug" Before


"Karen's Rug" (In Process...Two New Sections))

"Karen's Rug" After


"Thank you, Marge, for putting the same kind of care and love into my rug as my grandma did when she made it. The rug is in my room now and looks great. I can't believe how bright it is - and how good it smells. Marge, I can't express how much it means to me that my Grandma's rug is useful again. She made it with love, and I love it."... Denver, Co.
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