"Madeliene's Rugs "

Handmade by Madeliene in the '50's and '60's for their cabin on a lake in Maine, these 3 rugs now belong to her son Paul and wife Jeanne. Paul and his 2 sisters spent many hours making the strips of cloth for the rugs, some of which were from their own old clothes. Other materal came from New England woolen mills and rummage sales. Paul and his 2 sisters will each get one of the repaired rugs. The smallest rug (shown before and after) was completely relaced and some new sections of braid were added.

"Madeliene's Rug #1 Before"

"Madeliene's Rug #1 After"

"Madeliene's Rug #2 After"

"Madeliene's Rug #3 After"

"...Springfield, Mo.
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