Nana Anna's Rug

Nana Anna created her lovely braided rug in 1939 making it 66 years old. She died in 1982. The rug was passed down to daughter Marjorie who remembers it being a part of their home for many years while she was growing up. After many years of use and mouse damage, it was badly in need of repair as the following photos show:

The damaged orange, green and red rows were removed from the center which was difficult because the rug was not laced, but rather, the strands were sewn together with little tiny stitches. I reused what salvaged material that I could and replaced the remainder with new braid where needed. All of the broken strands and braid were also repaired and the rug shampood to bring back some of its original sparkle. It is a precious family heirloom and I was pleased that I was able to extend its life for many more years.


"Oh my! It looks wonderful. Just beautiful. Mom will be thrilled. I know she didn't expect to see it finished nearly so soon. Many thanks"..."I just spent an hour with friends in the room with "Nana's Rug". It adds so much warmth to the room. Mom says she looks at it every time she goes through the room. Thanks again for everything"...Jess


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