Nana's Rug

Made by Sally's grandmother for her high school graduation in 1970 it lay beside her bed for many years and then went into storage. While in storage mice damaged several sections of it and most of the thread holding the braids together had deteriorated. It was badly in need of repair as you can see in the following photo.

Nana died in 1972 and this was the last rug she made. After 35 years, Sally decided that she wanted "Nana's Rug" beside her bed again and asked me to do what I could to restore it. After hearing the story of the rug and realizing what it meant to Sally...I was happy to do what I could.

It's back beside Sally's bed and should last for many more years.

"OH my God! It is beautiful!!!! My heart is so full just seeing the picture. I am so emotional anyway but this is like visiting with the past and my heart is so full. THANKYOU! THANKYOU! THANKYOU!"...Sally


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