Year End Rug Sale!

Ready Made 2' Round Reversible Picture Rugs

Every one unique...No two of a kind
Reduced 25% to $74.95 with Free Shipping...(plus $5.00 Handling Charge)
Will liven up any room...Makes a great gift!

* These rugs have the same high quality braid and meticulous workmanship as my custom rugs but I am able to sell them less expensively because the wool is from stock and the hooked rugs are off the shelf.
* "Picture Rugs" are constructed using two hooked rug centers, one on each side, bonded together back-to-back, sewn around the edges, and then surrounded by three rows of triple-strand braids.
* Each of the three rows of braid are constructed as a continuous necklace with no perceivable beginning or end.
* All work is done entirely by hand, including preparation of the braids which are constructed from wool material. No fillers are used.
* The rugs are approximately 3/4" to 1" thick...they will not buckle or slip and slide. Each rug contains about 4 pounds of wool.
* All work is done entirely by hand...wool cloth is cut into strips, sewn end-to end and then braided to make the strands used in the triple stand braid.
* The lacing is hidden and there are no visible seams.

"Tan Starfish #1"

(Cranberry Herringbone, Pink/White Herringbone, Taupe and Cocoa)

"Tan Starfish #2"

(Oatmeal Plush, Mauve, Mauve/Camel Tweed, Wine Tweed and Wine)

"Tan Starfish #4"

(Multicolor Stripe, Forrest Green, Medium Taupe, Dusky Teal, Aqua )

"Tan Starfish #5"

(Peachy Pink, Black/Pink Check and Wine Tweed)

"Tan Starfish #6"

(Aqua/Black Tweed, Charcoal Grey, Pink, Raspberry and Wine)

"Tan Starfish #7"

(Brown/Wheat Check, Beige, Hunter Green and Teal)

"Tan Starfish #8"

(Pale Pink, Pink Heather, Brown Tweed, Brown/Beige Check, Brown H'bone,Dark Teal Boucle and Aqua/Grey/Green Tweed)

"Tan Starfish #9"

(Raspberry Herringbone, Wine and Burgundy Tweed)

"Tan Starfish #10"

(Beige, Pink and Beige/Taupe Honeycomb)


(Dark Taupe, Beige Plush, Green Check and Cocoa Brown)

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