The original rug was made in the 1950's by my client's mother. The plan was to remake 9 small stair treads (also made by my client's mother) into 9 small area rugs using braid removed from the large rug. These smaller new rugs are intended for her mother's 9 great-great grandchildren. It was a challenging operation requiring 38 butts (splicing braids together) miscellaneous repairs to broken strands and replacing of bad areas on the treads to get started even. The resulting 9 "retreads" are lovely, as is what remains of the existing large rug. What a wonderful way to share history throughout generations.

Original Large Rug & Stairtreads



Original Stairtread

Finished Product...Nine Small Area Rugs and Smaller Original

One of Nine Re-made Area Rugs

"The rugs arrived this morning. We couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for a wonderful job."..
.West Chester, Pa.

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