"Selma's Rugs"

These three 93 year old rugs were made by the owner's grandmother, Selma, in Arlington, Ma. They suffered severe moth damage while in storage and further damage when "professionally" washed to remove dead moths, nests and debris. Fortunately the storage facility's insurance covered the cost to repair these wonderful examples of American craft that has survived so long. Extensive repairs included removing large sections of rug and replacing braid from bits and pieces of removed section. Ten sections were replaced in all requiring 20-26 butts. Rows were added back to the large rug and the small one from salvaged braid. Much hand sewing of broken strands throughout the rugs was required. All in all, a grand endeavor with a happy ending.

"Large Rug" Before


"Large Rug" After

"Medium Rug" Before

"Medium Rug" After

"Small Rug" After

"We have received your emails and photos of the 3 braided rugs. They are outstanding! Thank you so much for the excellent quality of work and the detailed explanation." Washington, D.C.

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