"Sena's Rug"

The owner's grandmother, Sena Nelson, was born to Danish immigrant parents. She had 6 children and when her husband died at age 43 she supported the children by making braided rugs. This 6' X 7' oval was a gift to the owner's mother by her grandmother in the 1940's. Extensive repairs included removing 4 center rows and replacing them with braid salvaged from 2 outer rows. All required 18 hand sewn strand repairs, 3 tapers and 3 butts plus many yards of lacing. A treasure restored!

"Sena's Rug" Before

"Sena's Rug" During

"Sena's Rug" After

"The rug looks beautiful! To see the difference, and just exactly how you repaired it, was very interesting. I shall treasure the rug and am so thankful I found you to do the work." Palos Park , Ill.

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