"Tina's Rug"

An 8 month old golden retriever chewed up this braided rug made by the owner's mother when the owner was a girl. It includes material from her father's old navy blue uniform. She was sick about it and she and her mother brought it to me. The most difficult thing was removing a pancake size blob of hardened plastic that had melted and hardened making one side of the rug unuseable. I removed some outer rows and used the salvaged material to repair the dog problems. Getting rid of the "blob" was done with a hot iron and a hair dryer- took a long time!
Her mother was a very good braider and this rug will last forever.


"Tina's Rug" Before

"Tina's Rug" After

"We are delighted with the results. With the history behind the rug there was no way I could not invest in repairing it. Thanks again for your kindness and expertise."...Bethel CT

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